Cacao Workshop @Iguana Hostel

Iguana Hostel, San Cristobal is currently hosting Heaven’s Kitchen Cacao Workshops!
Truffles in the garden anyone?
Divine Truffles with handmade chocolate and natural, local fruits, herbs and spices : Wed. and Thursdays 3pm -4:30pm (110pesos)
Have a Holy Mole moment!
Learn the intricate recipe for concocting your own Mexican Mole with handground cacao, chiles, seeds and other heavenly delights – includes a full dinner with shrimp, chicken or vegan (mushrooms) salad, tortillas, rice and the ancient recipe of the gods! :
Fridays 3pm-7pm (200pesos)
Drink the elixir of the gods!
Enjoy a cacao “degustacion” learning about the properties of flavour and the special qualities valued in the seeds that are the source of the world’s most beloved food. Then learn to roast, grind and blend up the secret recipe of the gods for the sacred cacao beverage and sip it up to feel the power and the pleasure of Mexico’s greatest invention – xocolate!  This workshop by reservation please (100pesos)
Sacred Cacao ceremonies may also be offered .
Please reserve your spot at all workshops – there are limited numbers according to the final trip to the market!
See you at Iguana Hostel”