Carnaval de Tenejapa

The inhabitants of the municipality of Tenejapa in the mountains of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas are Maya-Tzeltal Indians who, despite the passage of time and modernity, maintain their identity, culture and customs.

Their worldview is still governed by the Mayan calendar, which is linked to the cycles of fertility of the earth. The beginnings and endings of these cycles are celebrated and marked with rituals.

The Carnival of Tenejapa has its special beauty and symbolism; It is one of the most significant religious ceremonies that begins before the celebrations of the liturgical calendar, being the only carnival in the region of the Highlands of Chiapas that lasts for 13 days, and is in honor of Manojel (Jesus Christ) .

This year, the carnival began on Sunday, February 25th with the presentation of flags, an act that marks the beginning of the festivities. Each of the organizers of this party, called by the locals “alféreces”, led by “Bankilal” (elder brother or guardian), carry a flag on the shoulder to the altar of the church.

This centenary tradition is latent since the beginning of the year in Tenejapa, when the Tzeltal Indians prepare themselves with the comparsas, the traditional food and pox, the cane liquor.

Folklore and cultural expression of Carnival of Tenejapa summon thousands of Chiapanecos and national and foreign tourists to witness one of the most colorful manifestations of music, joy and religiosity of a living culture.

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