Carnaval time in Chiapas! Tomorrow Chamula

Carnaval time happens in all surrounding indigenous vilages of Chiapas. Iguana has already visited Tenejapa and Coita. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the 5th of March, we are going to San Juan Chamula, the most visited and close (12km) vilage from San Cristobal.

The Carnival of San Juan Chamula lasts a week, including the five lost days of the ancient Mayan calendar, which coincide with the agricultural cycle. The K’in Tajimoltic, or New Fire, is a copy of the mythical episodes of the sacred book of the ancient Mayans, the Popol Vuh, in its liturgy, its dances and the costumes of the actors, among others. Monkey-man, walking on fire, bulls riding and lots of Pox to drink;) – unforgettable show.

Leaving at 10.30 from Iguana Hostel guided by Rudy.

Cost: Non-guests $100/person + transport. Guests tip for the guide + transport.

You still have chance to stay with us and join us on a tour!

You will find an extensive information in Spanish at Buen Viaje Diario Turistico