Dia de Muertos 2017

Iguana Hostel cares that our guests will get best experience of Chiapas and Mexican Tradition and will love it, as we do. We take every chance to show it to you!

Dia de Muertos – (Day of Dead) is one of the most unique Mexican traditions. We travelled by public transport to the nearby indigenous village of San Juan Chamula, where we visited the cementery. We met indigenous families who were open enough to share their tradition with us. It was quite an experience not only for our Guerras, but also for them! We met musicians at the cementerry, yes! it is a common way of celebrating! Music for our deceased! Mexican tradition sees death not as the end of life but as the transition to another level, gate to a new life. Therefore Dia de Muertos is a chance to meet up with a family, share and celebrate.

“During this period, the popular belief is that the deceased have divine permission to visit friends and relatives on earth and enjoy once again the pleasures of life. To facilitate this, Mexicans visit the graves of families and friends and adorn them with brilliantly colourful flowers and offerings of food – in particular the sugary “bread of the dead” – spices, toys, candles, and drinks amongst other things. The period is specifically a joyous, ritualistically elaborate celebration of life, rather than a sober mourning of its passing.

The origins of the Day of the Dead rest in the 16th-century fusion of the Aztecs’ belief in death as merely one part in the wider cycle of existence, their ritual venerations and offerings to the goddess Mictecacihuatl (“Lady of the Dead”) for deceased children and adults, and the conquering Spaniards’ desire to accommodate these festivities within the Catholic celebrations of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day…” read more at The Guardian

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