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Experiencias Chiapas by Iguana

Finally and officially we are launching our new project and band that we’ve been dreaming of: Experiencias Chiapas by Iguana. What’s that? You know that Rudy since the beginnings of Iguana  has been taking our guests to the villages of Chiapas for traditional celebrations, sharing his genuine passion for it. It has become Iguana’s tradition already. Now we make it more formal.

Our mission is to show you the culture and customs of Chiapas in a personalized, dynamic and fun way by participating in several traditional festivals.

We also offer personalized itineraries in Mexico, according to your interests and budgets, and with unforgettable details, itineraries for families and help in organizing thematic workshops in Chiapas.

Rudy, the Experiences guide: “I grew up with the traditions and legends of indigenous and mestizo peoples of Chiapas, where I come from and learned them from my grandparents, parents and later, during my university career, I delved into several historical and social aspects. I also lived a historical moment in my city, witnessing the armed revolution of the EZLN (Zapatistas).
My passion for the traditions and legends continues to be more and more alive and I enjoy sharing it with the visitors of Chiapas for 10 years, receiving very positive comments.”

Go to Experiencias Chiapas section and our Facebook and Instagram for more details on our offer, videos and beautifull pictures.