Oventic, Zapastista village

The Zapatista community of Oventik is located high in the mountains just beyond San Andres Larrainzar (about 60km from San Cristobal).

Oventik was the second caracol built by the Zapatistas and it is the biggest of the five “caracoles”. Caracole, which means snail, is a space built by the Zapatistas to organise their autonomy.

There are five rebellious autonomous zones in the state of Chiapas, where hundreds of communities are building a different world. The Caracol is organised by the Zapatista ‘Junta’ a form of local government made up of elected representatives from Zapatista communities. It is a centre for Zapatista organisation and a point of contact with the outside world.

To enter the caracol, you will need to show your passport at the entrance, you will be asked for your personal details and looked after by some of the representatives of caracol. They will explain to you (in Spanish though) the history, purposes and aims of Zapatista’s movement and activities of caracol.