Benefits of temazcal

The purification is real and tangible. The temazcal cleanses the aura and is a total transformation of one’s energy. You make contact with the people you’re with, and connect with the atmosphere around you. It’s fascinating to adapt to this indigenous traditional sauna, which is a little different then what Western people are used to. It is a true magical purification, that transforms energy and passes on ancient knowledge. The structure represents a woman’s womb, or the womb of mother Earth, where we enter naked and leave purified.


The Sweat Lodge is a powerful therapy for the treatment of many diseases and ailments, whether they are acute or chronic.

Physical benefits of the temazcal include treatments for prostate, liver, digestive, circulatory, or lung problems, rheumatism, arthritis, bronchitis and disorders such as those with the thyroid gland.

A temazcal is the most effective way of stimulating the internal organs and cleansing the body by sweating large amounts of toxins accumulated by drugs, alcohol or even from food itself, as we are now facing many more pollution problems.

It helps to eliminate fat through sweating, thus helping decreasing obesity and premature aging of the skin. It eliminates physical and mental chronic fatigue, digestion and stomach problems, clears the lymphatic system and significantly improves the quality of life of people with diabetes and hypertension.